The total land area of NCP is 10,472km2 which is the largest compared to other provinces. Its current population is 1,259,567 with a population density about 120/km2.

Forest cover in NCP is 615,894Ha. It has estimated that a country needs at least 25% of forest cover for its ecological balance. In NCP the forest cover is about 58.2%. Therefore still the NCP is able to protect it’s environment for a healthy life.

In the analysis of provincial Gross Domestic Production by Industrial origin, the Agriculture accounts for 67,986 the Industry accounts for 50,377 and the Services accounts for,986

And the province accounts for the total GDP of Rs. 607 bilion in 2015. (Statistics and cencus by Central Bank of Sri Lanka).



Healthy People-Wealthy Province”

The Health  department of the
North Central Province, envisions to be themost efficient and productive organizationwith renowned excellence in providingheath care services to it’s people



Department of Health services NCP,
to deliver health care, to achieve the highestpossible level , for an affordable cost, byensuring easy access and ,maintainingequality and equity, to the satisfaction
of both provider and client



Main Objectives

      * Expansion of quantitative and qualitative health service through efficient maintenance of disease curative and preventive sectors.

      * Empower All Health staff for given efficent and quality health service

      * To improve healthnes life aware studetns by Health Education programs

      * Aware people for avoid from renal faliure and treatments for kidney patients

      * Get a proper relationship between horisontal and vertical with relative stakeholders

      * With achieving above objectives build a healthy people in province and save expences for drugs and treatments and contribute for growth economy of the country


Over 13,000 Kidney patients ditected in last year and 127 deaths reported from Anuradhapura district alone year 2017 due to kidney ailments
New office building complex for Anuradhapura north eastern province MOOH Office will be opened at 20th January 2018

Bandaranayake Mawatha,
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.
Office TP : (+94) 25 22221926
Office Fax : (+94) 25 2220060


Bandaranayake Mawatha,
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.
Office TP : (+94) 25 22221926
Office Fax : (+94) 25 2220060

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