Establishment Branch

Administration and disciplinery Activities
According to the powers vested with the Hon. Governor, the departmental activities carried out at department's level such as the recruitment of employees of the Department of Health Services, confirmation of service, extension of service period, retired officers will be an important part of this departmental administrative division.

In addition, officers recruited through the Provincial Ministry Commission for Recruitment and Recruitment of Provincial Public Service after recruitment and recruitment will also be recruited through the Provincial Council Commission. Also, Officers / Employees who are transferred by other Provincial Councils. The Provincial State Commission The responsibility of assigning them under the transfers between the internal and the provinces It is assigned to the department.

Chief Management Assistant

• Submitting of overtime salaries of the officers of the Department.
• Petty Cash
• Supervision of staff
• Maintain the preceding files, circulars, orders and regulations
• Coordinate staff with attendance register, short leave documents
• Maintaining the archive records


E- 01 - Ms. H.N. Anurdurddhika.

• Duties as Medical, Dental Surgeons, Registered Medical Officers, Corporate Affairs of Registered Medical Officers (attached to Divisional Health Services Offices)
• The officers of the Sri Lanka Scientific Service (Regional Malaria officers, Entomology Officers)
• Cleaning service staff activities
• Preparation of answers to provincial council / parliamentary issues
• Activities related to private medical services
• Activities of the staff

E- 2  Ms.L.G.Chamedika
• Matters relating to personal files of nurses
• Foreign scholarships
• Staff meetings reports

E- 03 - Mrs. W. Champika Kumari Rathnamalalla.
• Pharmacist • Medical laboratory technologist • Radiator • Physiotherapists Occupational therapists • Public Health Inspector • Health Practitioner • Statistical Survey Officer (Matters related to Personal Files)
• Property Loans, Distress Loans
• Medical board of inquiry

E- 04 - Mrs. W.A.I. Madhumali.

(Institutional matters pertaining to except PHI in the sub-medical service) • School dentist • Eye technology • Entomology Assistant Food and Drug Inspector • Public Health Laboratory • Electrical phonogram linear • Family Health Service Officer • Dental technician • Electricity servo portraits (activities relating to personal files)

E- 05 - Mrs. D.L.L. De Alwis
• All duties related to Management Assistant Service
• All duties related to Development Officers' Service
• All duties related to IT
• All duties related to the MN 01 service category for the Micro photographer, Diet Stewards, House Warden, Medical Supplies Assistant, Vaccinator, and Ward Clerk.
• Personal files of all officers / employees of the office and other related duties of the office

Activities related to the departmental lands


E- 06 - Mr. K.V.C. Dharmasena.

• All duties related to repair of vehicles belonging to the department, operation for vehicle accidents, preliminary investigations, investigations and formal disciplinary inquiries



E- 07 - Ms. D.J.A. Buddhimali.

All institutional functions of the posts belonging to the category of primary semi-skilled service
• Generator operator • Plumber • Carpenter • Welder • Masonry • Chef • Seam worker • Laboratory worker • Attendant • Telephone Operator • hospital overseers (work on personal files)
All duties associated with the Departmental Transfer and Departmental Transfer from Provincial Public Service Commission

E- 08 - G.W.W. Kumudamee
• Saukya Karya Sahayaka (Junior)
• Saukya Karya Sahayaka (Other)
• The spraying machine Operator • Watcher (Personnel files)
• Activities relating to basic training


Theme 09 - Mrs. WP. Nadeeshani

• Co-ordination and general correspondence between other institutions
Tree planting programs, Poson festival, election related activities Provision of services for the health and veterinary surgeons,
Inform the provincial and district coordinating committee meetings, Preparation of official identity cards
Preparation of Management Committee Meetings of the Branch Committee
Functions of the Information Act
Update existing preliminary investigation files of E-06.

Theme 10 - Mrs. W.H.MC. Damayanthi
• Disciplinary, preliminary investigation activities of the department (vehicle accidents)
• Activities related to public complaints
• Personal files of the officers of the Pharmaceutical Composers of Sri Lanka Technological Service and Public Health Branch
• Human Rights Affairs related to human rights activities of the Pharmaceutical Coordinator,
Public Health Sector and Preliminary Investigations
• Matters relating to the Departmental court cases


Subject 11 - Mr. B.M.D. Abhayarathne.

• Activities of the Drivers' Institutes
• Duty on leave and railway warrants
• Payments for electricity / telephone / water and newspapers, and related duties
• Forwarding vouchers to other payments such as Overtime and traveling expenses of the officers
• Duties related to local training courses
• duties related to advance programs of the officers




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Bandaranayake Mawatha,

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Tel : (+94) 25 2221926

Fax(+94) 25 2220060

Director: (+94) 25 2222700


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